Horseware Rambo Dog Dry Rug, XXL

A perfect drying rug for your pup. With our superb Rambo Dogware fit and our most technical fast drying fabric, this coat makes washing your dog or visits to the beach a breeze. By wicking the moisture from the coat, it dries your dog in a fraction of the time while also helping to prevent the dog from shedding hair and water in your car or house while wearing it. It is lightweight making it perfect for warm days and self dries after use. Features: * Brushed high-wicking polyester outer

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Om Horze

Den allra första Horze-butiken öppnades år 2003 i Lahtis, Finlands kända vintersportstad. Idag finns det 27 Horze-butiker i hela Europa. Horze har även franchiseavtal med många väletablerade hästbutiker i Tyskland, Danmark, Sverige och Norge. Alla av dessa har nu Horze-flaggan

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