Rayne Darkside Longboard Deck 36" skull

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The kicked tail will allow you to ollie, manual, or blunt anywhere you feel like it. True quiver-killer material right here.Unique construction giving you full control and feedback in bunchesProviding you with a pure and dedicated focus on the road ahead is the intricate concave shapeThe deck is made from vertically laminated bamboo sandwiched between Triaxial FiberglassAs a killer detail, the bottom sheet is similar to a snowboard top-sheet keeping graphics fresh for longerWheel wells are laminated directly into the board and not sanded or machined, giving you a far more steady and stable rideSize does matter!In this league of downhill longboards, it is crucial that your deck-size matches your skill and physical size.Rayne recommends as follows: 36 deck length is made for riders with a height between 5'6 (165.5cm) and 6'0 (183cm)Axelavstånd: 23.5 - 24.5 (59.7cm - 62.2cm)Deck längd: 36 (91.4cm)Deck bredd: 9.75 (24.7cm)Deck material: Bambus, 3-lagsYtterligare material: Epoxy, Glasfiber, 2-lagsBräda specifikationer: Kicktail, Hjulhusen, DirectionalGriptape: Ingår inteÅknings stil: Downhill, Freeride

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