Orca Swimrun Calf Guards

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These calf guards have been designed specifically for swimrun racing. They give you extra buoyancy in your legs and eliminate the need for a Pull Buoy, allowing more freedom of movement. They also protect your shins from rocks and weeds in order to avoid small scratches that can take away from your enjoyment of the race. The perfect companion for your swimrun races. BUOYANCY Its sandwich-like construction has an 18mm foam interior and 2mm, 38 cell neoprene, which compensates for the buoyancy lost by wearing shoes during the competition. These calf guards will help keep your legs from sinking, improving your speed and time while you compete. PROTECTION In addition to improving your swimming technique, you will be able to avoid the usual blows caused by contact with stones or brambles while running. COMPRESSION Its fabric provides you with the necessary compression to reduce muscle fatigue.

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